Riding Characteristics

The hydraulic brake system has been developed mainly for people who love inline skating tours. With 100 or 110 mm wheels you can move very fast on smooth roadways. And much better on rough road surfaces and compact dirt roads than with smaller ones. On the other hand heel braking with big wheels is pretty much ineffective because of an inappropriate leverage ratio. Therefore it seemed necessary to develop a better braking system for inline skates with big wheels.

After getting used to this new braking system you will skate on passages with a confident feeling you have never dared before. The potential to move downhill on wet and slippery tarmac broadens the horizon of inline skating. You can slow down securely even on narrow downhill tracks because you always have total steering control.

The synchronous deceleration of both skates enables a posture different from heel braking. Like heel stop you hunker down the deeper the more you want to slow down but you set one skate only a little bit before the other to get a better stability. At the same time the upper part of the body moves a little bit backwards. The ideal posture will come along after some weeks of experience.

Overturning through braking is not possible because only the rear wheels are affected. So deceleration interrupts at the same time when the rear wheels take off.

With this brake system you have lesser limits by choosing your routes because the altitude differences are of lesser importance. You can really enjoy your tours.